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Our Subteams


Responsible for the identification, research, procurement and installation of all electrical components required for the vehicle. This includes large components such as the battery, motor, battery management system, and charger. Smaller components include the throttle pedal potentiometer and brake pedal transducer. The electrical team also works closely with software for embedded systems projects using devices like Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s.


For the software team, the main objective is to bridge the car’s system to the driver. The information from the car will be interpreted by the software team to display on the driver’s dashboard. They will be working with the Electrical-Mechanical team to receive important measurements, and display relevant information. They will also create a user interface system that provides an integrated environment for the user to have access to all the tools they need.


Tasked with the research and installation of parts related to the car that are not directly related to the electrical grid. This includes the motor, motor mount, transmission and it’s associated parts, battery housing, heating systems, braking, and more. This team works closely with the electrical team and will be spending most of its time doing hands-on work on the car this year.


The business team will be working on managing the funds like cash flow and budgeting. This team will also be working on managing relationships between companies supporting clean energy, and recruiting sponsorship opportunities. They will also work on coordinating events for marketing and promoting our club to raise awareness about sustainability.

Our Leadership Team

Ayodha Gopaul


Hey! I’m Ayodha, the founder and president of the Relectric Car Team at UCF. As a mechanical engineering student who is passionate about innovative ideas for the future of sustainability, I plan on dedicating my work at Relectric to engineering ways of improving our environmental impact while fostering the growth of our Relectric team members.

Danielle Gonzales

Vice President

Danielle is the current Internal Vice President of Relectric at UCF. She is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Theatre. She is also an RA and loves rock climbing and performing. She is excited to be part of this club because she has never worked on a car before and can’t wait to learn. In the future Danielle wants to work in the Entertainment industry, engineering for Live Shows and building animatronics.

Jack Schultz

External Vice President

Jack is the current External Vice President of Relectric at UCF. He is a Senior in Aerospace Engineering. He is excited to be a part of this club to further his knowledge on the mechanical design of a car. Jack is planning on working in the rocketry industry, specifically for space exploration.

Kyle Currie


Kyle is Junior Mechanical Engineering student at UCF. A background in event management and robotics competitions have assisted Kyle in discovering his passion for engineering, especially with a focus on sustainability.